We use USDA choice beef ONLY!
All meals below are served with hot bread, butter, salad and your choice of rice, pasta, broccoli, baked or Italian potato, (when available). Salads are served with our Italian House or Ranch Dressing.
Creamy Bleu Cheese or Crumbly Bleu Cheese add $1.50
USDA Choice Prime Rib
Slow roasted. Friday and Saturdays while
supply meats demand! Market Price
Pork Chops
Two 8 oz. chops marinated in our special BBQ
sauce and char-broiled. 15.95
Pork Chops Milanese
Two 1 inch thick chops topped with fresh mushrooms and
our own herb butter, garlic and white wine sauce. 18.95
N.Y. Strip
16 oz. Freshly cut right here at Bud's. A first quality
cut of beef, char-broiled to your specification! 19.95
Steak Milanese
16 oz. Freshly cut NY Strip topped with fresh
mushrooms, herb butter and garlic sauce. 22.95
Marinated Chicken
Marinated in our delectable recipe and char-broiled
and presented on a bed of rice. 15.95
Chicken Milanese
Fresh boneless char-broiled chicken breast topped
with fresh sautéed mushrooms in a blend of garlic
herb butter and white wine sauce. Served on a
bed of chicken flavored rice. 18.95
Fresh Catch
Changes Weekly, Market Price
Orange Roughy
A sea skipper's delight! Stuffed with real crab meat
stuffing and broiled with Milanese sauce and fresh
mushrooms. 17.95
Sea Scallops
1/2 lb. of large fresh sea scallops broiled in our special
seasonings and 100% butter, mixed with freshly
cut mushrooms. 19.95
Shrimp Scampi
Large shrimp atop our homemade pasta, sautéed in our
classic herb-butter and wine sauce. Complemented with
fresh cut mushrooms and broiled to perfection. 17.95
Steak Scampi Milanese
Fresh choice cut NY Strip topped with 3 large shrimp
and our garlic butter wine sauce. 25.95
Open Face N.Y. Strip
A fresh NY Strip Steak atop a toasted garlic loaf topped with fresh mushrooms.
Sautéed in our herb and wine butter sauce. Served with salad and house dressing. 12.95
Signature Salad
Fresh California lettuce, tomato, onion, black olives, shredded cheese, croutons,
topped with a marinated charbroiled fresh chicken breast.
Italian House dressing served on the side. 13.95
Please add sales tax on all food and beverage.